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Maize wine receives certificate of indication of geographical origin Maize wine produced in Na Hang district has received a certificate of indication of geographical origin after the district submitted the application for a registration of geographical indication/designation of origin at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP).

Tat Dien waterfall The waterfall named Tat Dien is located in a primeval forest in Ban Dien village of Phuc Son commune in Lam Binh district.

Visitors flock to celebrate Lunar New Year in Tuyen Quang province. According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism , the number of visitors joining Lunar New Year 2023 celebration in Tuyen Quang rose to 58,000, an increase of 53pct against the same period last year.

Tuyên Quang welcomed nearly 36,000 visitors during the first holiday of the year According to a report by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, during the New Year holiday (from December 31, 2022 to January 2, 2023), the province welcomes nearly 36,000 tourists, with total tourism revenue of nearly VND 33 billion.

Tuyên Quang aims to exploit the potential of rural tourism In recent years, rural tourism has significantly changed because of its friendliness. This is also one of three new tourism products that Vietnam is focusing on developing.

Beautiful girl of "Tuyen" land to help poor children Le Khanh Linh, who is a 4th year student studying at National Economics University, won an award of VNĐ 80 million for “The First Beauty” prize at the final round of 'Tuyen' land Beauty Contest 2022.

More than 10,000 tourists visit Tan Trao National Historical Site According to data from the Tourist Sites Management Board in Tuyen Quang province, more than 10,000 tourists visited Tan Trao National Historical Site during the holiday to celebrate the country's National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2022).

Let's go to "Tuyên" land to take part in festival Althought the great events of the festival in " Tuyên " land will take place in early September , the new giant models made into the shape of animals, including elephants, fish, horse, buffaloes, etc., have joined long processions moving along streets in the weekend nights of early August.

Beautiful girls of "Tuyên" land People across the country are full of admiration for local people in Tuyen Quang province. They often express the emotions at you by saying " Thái tea, Tuyên Girl" when they know you are from "Tuyên" Land. "Thai tea" is one of the brand-name tea which is produced in some parts of Thai Nguyen province.

Discovering Tuyên Quang cuisine on Tuyên Quang Provincial Youth Union has just launched the website with regularly updated culinary information to serve people and visitors to look up information related to Tuyên Quang cuisine.

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