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Culture of Tuyen Quang10/12/2020 16:24

Developing homestay facilities in Hong Thai Commune

In recent years, Hong Thai Commune, Na Hang District, has been developing the community-based tourism homestay model while preserving and upholding the cultural identity of the Dao Tien ethnic group.

75% of the population in Hong Thai Commune are Dao Tien ethnic people, who possess many unique cultural features. Recently, the commune gained status as a new-style rural area, which has helped to make the commune appear more spacious, clean and beautiful. Developing leisure travel is eyed as the commune’s new direction to promote socio-economic growth.
Member of the Tuyen Quang Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Viet Phuong visiting the homestay facility of Dang Thi Duong’s family in Khau Trang Hamlet, Hong Thai Commune, Na Hang District.

In addition, the commune’s authority has also encouraged the Dao people to preserve their distinct culture. The locality has established a Pao Dung folk singing club to deliver performances for tourists.

Since 2019, Na Hang District has organised many researches and collected and reproduced traditional festivals, aiming to turn Hong Thai Commune into a tourist destination of Na Hang District.

Hong Thai Commune has proactively optimised its advantages of a cool climate all year round to grow specialty crops. The commune is gradually becoming the clean agricultural product growing area of Na Hang District, with nearly 60 hectares of pears and 100 hectares of high-class specialty tea being grown there.

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