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Culture of Tuyen Quang14/1/2021 11:1

Banh Khao: A unique cake of Tay ethnic people in Tuyen Quang Province throughout Tet holiday

"Banh khao" is an indispensable dish of the Tay peolpe during Tet holiday.

"Banh khao" - a unique cake of the Tay ethnic people in Tuyen Quang Province throughout Tet holiday.

The process of making “banh khao” is very simple. . Glutinous rice is soaked with warm water before being roasted until the rice colour turns into light yellow. After that, this rice is put in stone mill and ground into flour. The flour is then left to sit for two days before being mixed with sugar, and this mixture is poured into a square frame and pressed to form a large flat cake.

The cake, whose ideal thickness is four or five centimeters high, is finally cut into smaller pieces and wrapped in coloured paper.

There are 2 types of "banh khao", including black sesame filling cake and ground peanut filling cake.

"Banh khao" is a simple food delicacy of the Tay in Tuyen Quang Province during Tet holiday. It is great to have it with a cup of hot tea on winter days.


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