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Culture of Tuyen Quang15/9/2022 7:30

Beautiful girl of "Tuyen" land to help poor children

Le Khanh Linh, who is a 4th year student studying at National Economics University, won an award of VNĐ 80 million for “The First Beauty” prize at the final round of 'Tuyen' land Beauty Contest 2022.

Beauty contestant Le Khanh Linh is seen at  "Tuyen" Land Beauty Contest 2022.
After   Le Khanh Linh won the award, she received many congratulations sent by the family members, teachers and friends in the university, where she is studying.

This beautiful  girl said she would  give her VNĐ 80 million award  to the province's children, who are facing difficulties. Linh said: "I will contact localities in the province to personally give this money to the children in order to help them overcome difficulties." "I think this is a small part of my contribution to the community and society",  she shared her feelings.
Translated by Tien Do

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