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Culture of Tuyen Quang25/10/2022 20:9

Tuyên Quang aims to exploit the potential of rural tourism

In recent years, rural tourism has significantly changed because of its friendliness. This is also one of three new tourism products that Vietnam is focusing on developing.

Standing Deputy Prime Minister Phạm Bình Minh has just signed to approve the rural tourism development program in new rural construction in the 2021-2025 period, which has opened up many directions for rural tourism. The Program aims to exploit the potentials and advantages of agriculture, villages, culture and ecological environment of localities; promote the role of the people and communities; promote the active and proactive participation of businesses, cooperatives and other economic organizations in rural tourism.

Tourists experience rural tourism in Tuyên Quang

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thu Hà, Head of the Tourism Management Department, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, the Government's program will create conditions for Tuyên Quang to exploit the province's strengths in this field. According to Ms. Hà, rural tourism is the ideal choice for tourists who are used to the bustle of urban areas. Rural tourism will bring visitors the experience of the open space of nature, the social and cultural heritages and the traditional culture in the village…

Rural tourism can be classified into 3 types: Community tourism, agricultural tourism, and ecotourism. Ecotourism is based on unspoiled nature and indigenous culture. Agricultural tourism is tourism in agricultural areas that are cultivated in the direction of scale, tradition, sustainability and safety. And community-based tourism is a type of tourism developed on the basis of the autonomy of residential communities. This type is a model imbued with the original culture of the residential community.

Currently, ecotourism in Tuyên Quang is a good choice for tourists because the province has one of the top forest covers in the country. Typically, Na Hang - Lâm Bình Special National Scenic Area has tens of thousands of hectares of core and buffer zones, including 8,000 hectares of lake water. In addition to eco-tourism, visitors can also experience community tourism in Tuyên Quang when visiting cultural villages such as Khau Tràng (Hồng Thái commune); Nà Khá, (Năng Khả commune); Bung village (Thanh Tương commune)…

Tourists visit the green tea village of Bát village, Tân Thành commune, Hàm Yên district

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