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Culture of Tuyen Quang9/2/2023 9:51

Tat Dien waterfall

The waterfall named Tat Dien is located in a primeval forest in Ban Dien village of Phuc Son commune in Lam Binh district.

Tat Dien waterfall.
The waterfall is a stream in the primeval forest that falls down all year round from a high place, creating a water area at the foot of the moutainside,  which is a very beautiful landscape as well as being consisten in developing  tourism industry.  The total heigh of the waterfall is some  100 meters while the  flow of water falling  from a height of  50 meters.

People's Committee of  Lam Binh district holds a ceremony to announced the decision that recognized Tat Dien waterfall as a beautiful landscape ranked at the  provincial level.
Translated by Tien Do


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