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International cooperation10/3/2023 13:55

Delegation from Tuyen Quang province meet with leaders of Gunma province, Japan

The delegation from Tuyen Quang province led by Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Son on the afternoon of March 6 had a meeting with the Deputy Governor of Gunma province Mr. Keiichi Uruga and leaders of the agencies of Gunma province.

The members of the delegation of Tuyen Quang province have photos taken as a souvenir of the leaders of Gunma province.
In his speech at the meeting, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Son emphasized that Japan is the most important economic partner of Vietnam over the years. Japan  is currently  the largest ODA provider,  the second investor, the third tourism partner and the  fourth largest trading partner in Vietnam. He said that over the years, Tuyen Quang province has been constantly interested in strengthening connection  and promoting the cooperation between the province and Japanese partners. He also emphasized that Gunma province has natural advantages to develop  the industry, agriculture and tourism, especially the tourism  industry in the area with hot mineral springs.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Son expressed his desire to promote cooperation between Tuyen Quang province and Gunma province for the purpose of serving the common interests of the people, contributing to strengthening the  close strategic partnership  between Vietnam and Japan.

In his speech to the meeting, Gunma Vice Governor Keiichi Uruga expressed his joy at the meeting with the delegation, the second delegation of Tuyen Quang province to visit Gunma province. He said the delegation's visit to Guma showed the interest and goodwill of Tuyen Quang province in cooperating with Japanese partners in general and Gunma province in particular. The Deputy Governor affirmed that Gunma province is willing to share experiences in the key sectors that Tuyen Quang is interested in, especially in the sector of tourism or industrial development.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Son extended   the leaders of Gunma province, as well as the delegation and businesses an invitation to   visit Tuyen Quang province at an appropriate time.
Translated by Tien Do


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