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Culture of Tuyen Quang29/3/2023 15:48

Thousands of visitors flock to Fragrance Festival held in Na Hang district

Na Hang district said that it attracted an estimated 31 visitors during the festival that took place in the district in early March 2023.

Hong Thai commune, where the pear trees were being in full fragrant blossom, attracted more than  8,000 visitors who were there to admire the beauty of pear blossom. The festival organizer has boasted  an estimated turnover of more than VND 39.6 billion from providing services for the visitor attending the festival.

The pear trees in Hong Thai commune are in full blossom.
2023  is the first year of the festival that was organised on a large scale at district level. A lot  of events took place during the festival, contributing to showing the efficiency in  exploiting the potential of advantages of natural ecology, natural landscape and cultural identity of ethnic groups to develop tourism and service industry, as well as  stimulating demand for the agricultural products, OCOP product, etc.

Visitors  have photos taken as a souvenir of pear bloosom in Hong Thai commune.
Currently, Na Hang district is strongly promoting the image of the land, people, potential and advantages of tourism development of the district to attract domestic and foreign tourists. The district is also making the best preparations to receive the visitors, who will come to the district for the holiday resort and sightseeing   in the year's   celebration of April 30 and May 1.
Translated by Tien Do

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