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International cooperation8/4/2023 14:41

Central Retail Vietnam wants to set up project aimed for trading centre GO!

General Director cum CEO of the Central Retail in Vietnam Olivier Langlet on April 5 had a meeting with leaders of Tuyen Quang province. The meeting focused on discussing the project that aims for trading centre GO! in Tuyen Quang City.

Chairman of People's Committee of Tuyen Quang province  Nguyen Van Son presides at the meeting with the leader of Central Retail Vietnam.
Chairman of People's Committee of Tuyen Quang province Nguyen Van Son presided at the meeting, and the province's several department officials attended the meeting.

Central Retail  in Vietnam is a retail businees and real estate agent. It was established in Vietnam in 2011, doing retail business in consumer goods, including electronics , sports goods, and fashion. In addition, it develops trading centres, hotels, and e-commerce. Central Retail Vietnam owns some 270 stores and trading centres across the country with the leading store brands, including Big C and GO! Vietnam,etc.

In his speech to the meeting,  the leader of Central Retail  Vietnam expressed his derise  to set up a project in the best working condition created by Tuyen Quang province . He also showed the commitment to  planning and implementing the project in accordance with the set up plan and  the order of the investment process. He  said Central Retail Vietnam expressed its derise   to have the procedures for investment  approved  so that it  will be able to  start the project in November this year, and the trading centre Go! will come into operation  before the Lunar New Year  2024. Currently,  the planning  for trading centre GO!  has been done while  the procedures for the next parts of the project, including site clearance, designs for  trading centre Go!, land auction, building permit issuance, etc. are awaiting approval from the provincial government.

In his speech to the meeting, Chairman of People's Committeethe of Tuyen Quang province  Nguyen Van Son delivered  information about the Government's planning permission given  to the province during 2021-2030 period  . Accordingly, the province's  roadworks  and important projects  are being carried  out, especially the Tuyen Quang to Phu Tho highway, which is being built,  will help take less hours to get Hanoi City, as well as connect Tuyen Quang with neighbouring regions. This means that Central Retail Vietnam' s aim will be in line with the direction for the development of the province.

Tuyen Quang province has a lot of branded agricultural products, including some 200 OCOP products, and  some products produced by enterprises , who are investing in Tuyen Quang,  have been exported to foreign countries. This means that favorable condition is being created by the province for Central Retail to confidently invest in trading centre  GO! in Tuyen Quang City.
Translated by Tien Do


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