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Culture of Tuyen Quang25/4/2023 9:13

Chiem Hoa district announces decision about tourist destination

Ban Ba waterfall located in Trung Hà commune of Chiem Hoa district, known as the ecotourism place, has became a place to connect with the tourism year 2023 in the district after the announcement was issued by People's Committee of Chiem Hoa district on April 21.

Leader of Chiem Hoa district announces the decision about Ban Ba waterfall as a tourist destination, an ecotourism place to connect with  tourism year 2023 in the district.
This  waterfall is seen as an  ecotourism place  at  the provincial level after the announcement issued  by  Tuyen Quang province since 2019.  Song Gam Co., Ltd is currently an investor who is investing in a project to build a resort based on the forest resource. The company also said that it would turn this tourist destination into a branded resort destination with the slogan "green, silence and health". Accordingly, the company has  implemented the project for a period from 2021 to 2030. Currently, guest accommodations,  consisting of  two  traditional​ stilt houses and 10 camping tents,   have been built , providing services for   60,000 visitors per each tour group.

In addition, the company’s restaurants, coffee bars and homestay facilities have been built to  provide services for visitors. The company is currently coordinating with domestic travel agencies to organize tour groups for experiencing the nature under the forest canopy, exploring Ban Ba Waterfall and other tourist destinations in Tuyen Quang province.  As of now, the ecotourism place has attracted a lot of visitors from major cities across the country, including  Ha Noi and HCM city.

The announcement of the tourist destination and connection to tourism in Chiem Hoa district is an important event that plays a role in starting the next events and cultural activities heading towards the opening of Tuyen Quang  Tourism Year 2023. This  is a media event  that is promoting the image of tourism, natural scenery, local people, cultural identity, and potentials for tourism development of Chiem Hoa district as well as Tuyen Quang province.
Translated by Tien Do

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