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Culture of Tuyen Quang15/5/2023 22:35

A push for trade and tourism development

The province successfully planned the Tuyen Quang Tourism Year 2023 opening ceremony, which included a number of alluring tourism events and activities held from April 28 to May 3. This is a chance for the province to showcase the importance of cultural heritage, the potential and benefits of tourism development, draw in investors and visitors, and give the province a "nudge" toward the growth of trade, tourism, and services.

Signs of prosperity

Tens of thousands of tourists are drawn to Tuyen Quang by the inaugural event of the city's tourism year in 2023, which features a number of interesting events. This demonstrates how Tuyen Quang's place in the national tourism landscape is solidifying. Tuyen Quang is prepared to welcome guests and has expressed its gratitude and desire to work closely with investors, groups, companies, media outlets, and the press to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

According to Mr. Pham Tuan Anh, Director of Shanghai Hotel (Tuyen Quang City), this year's 30-April and 1-May holidays, as well as the Hung Kings Commemoration Day, lasted 5 days. This provided families with a good opportunity to plan an appropriate trip, and Tuyen Quang is one of the popular tourist destinations in the provinces and towns. Even though there were plans in place to greet guests, the fact that there were more people than anticipated was rather unexpected. 26 rooms at Mr. Tuan's 3-star hotel are full for the five days of the holiday. Mr. Tuan anticipates that as Tuyen Quang's tourism draw grows, so will the convenience of the hotel industry.

Visitors visit booths displaying, and introducing tourism products, craft villages

Create a commercial development highlight

One of the key highlights of the opening ceremony for the Tuyen Quang tourist year 2023 is the program for showing and introducing tourism products and craft villages in Tuyen Quang. The event drew 150 booths showcasing and introducing the goods of more than 70 cooperatives, organizations promoting tourism and trade, companies, and traders from inside and beyond the province, including more than 40 stalls from Tuyen Quang.

A report from the Provincial Investment Promotion Center states that the program brought in an estimated $10 billion in revenue from shopping and attracted close to 100,000 visitors. Visitors experience the local cultural space through cultural activities including Then singing, Dan Tinh, Pao Dung, learning about weaving, brocade embroidery, beeswax painting, etc. of ethnic groups in the province, in addition to visiting exhibit booths and learning about local products.

Visitors enjoy the taste of Shan snow tea

The proprietor of the agricultural goods booth at the night market in Na Hang town, Ms. Nong Thi Hang, expressed her happiness at the even distribution of visitors and the popularity of many of the products among visitors despite the fact that there weren't enough items to sell. In that situation, Ms. Hang frequently swaps addresses with clients and provides products as needed. Ms. Hang currently has a large number of well-known addresses that frequently supply goods to all provinces and cities throughout the nation.

A visitor from Hai Phong city named Mr. Hoang Van Manh and his wife said that they will undoubtedly visit Tuyen Quang again because only three days are not long enough to fully enjoy it. The province's craft villages and OCOP items truly attracted him. The booths feature high-quality products that are launched and on exhibit. As a trader, Mr. Manh will work with factories to make goods for customers in Hai Phong, such as Shan Tuyet tea, Na Hang corn wine, and Phong Tho honey. These are specialty goods from Tuyen Quang that Hai Phong customers would undoubtedly enjoy.

According to Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, Chairman of the Hanoi UNESCO Travel Club, the province of Tuyen Quang has a strong potential for tourism and is interested in investment and connections with tour operators. This will undoubtedly lead to a period of rapid economic growth and the sustainability of the province.
Translated by Vương Tuân 

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