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International cooperation27/5/2023 7:54

50th anniversary celebration of diplomatic relation between Vietnam and France

The Association between Vietnamese and Franch in Tuyen Quang province on the morning of May 15 held the 50th anniversary celebration year of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France.

Delegates attend the celebration.
Vice Chairman of Central Association between Vietnamese and French Nguyen Lan Trung,  Chairman of the Association between Vietnamese and French in the province Vu Thi Bich Viet, as well as the province's some departmental officials attended the anniversary  celebrations.

2023 is the 50th anniversary year  of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France and the 10th anniversary year of the strategic partnership between the two countries. Fifty years ago, after the Paris Agreement on ending the war and restoring peace in Vietnam was signed, on April 12, 1973, France, being the first country in Western Europe , established an diplomatic relations with Vietnam. France  has  standed by Viet Nam in the post-war reconstruction  and global integration of Viet Nam since then. Currently, France is Vietnam's leading trading partner in the European Union (EU), the fourth largest export market of Viet Nam in the EU.

At the celebration, Association Chairman   Vu Thi Bich Viet proposed the association between Vietnamese and French  to launch campaigns that aim to propagate and raise public awareness of the  policy of  peace , the solidarity, and deep friendship as well as full cooperations  between Viet Nam and France for the development.

She also emphasized the importance of mobilizing supports from Vietnamese individuals in France , who have close relationships with the province as well as non-governmental organizations and foreign donors, calling for the  aid that contributes to the development of the country. In addition, she proposed  that the important events, including anniversaries celebrations, cultural exchanges, cultural activities in foreign affairs on special occasions such as the National Day anniversary celebration, major holidays and important events related to the relationship between Vietnam and France, should be held.

Tuyen Quang province has formed an association between Vietnamese and French since  2009, based on a club founded by the Vietnamese, who  returned from France to Tuyen Quang province. As of now, there are  five sub-associations being maintained and   260 people  joined together.
Translated by Tien Do


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