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Socioeconomic info31/5/2023 14:33

Provincial People's Committee holds a meeting to deal with obstacles in disbursement of capital for the National Target Program

The Provincial People's Committee met on the afternoon of May 29 to discuss ways to make it easier to distribute money for the National Target Program. The meeting was presided over by comrade Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

Nearly VND 2,675 billion is the overall capital budget set aside for the National Target Programs in 2023 and the extended capital in 2022. This allows the capital in 2022 to exceed VND1,311.7 billion and the total state budget capital in 2023 to exceed VND1,363 billion. Specifically, the national target programs for building new rural areas are over 756 billion VND, the national target program for sustainable poverty reduction is over 495.6 billion VND, and the national target program for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas is over 1,423.2 billion VND.

The province had spent 176,551 billion VND (about 6.60%) as of May 19. The capital was distributed over 142.5 billion VND in 2022, amounting to 10.86%; over 33.9 billion VND in 2023, amounting to 2.49%.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Son chaired the conference
The time taken in establishing the capital allocation plan for the entire period of 2021 – 2025, together with establishing the number of decisions of the Provincial People's Council in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 27/2022/ND-CP, issued April 19, 2022, is the cause of the delayed distribution.

Additionally, some works and projects could not be implemented because the project's location was entangled with the natural forest area; the policy mechanism has not yet been specified; and some works and projects have difficulty mobilizing people to contribute due to the small number of households in the villages, the majority of which are poor and near-poor households.
Comrade Nguyen Van Son noted how slowly the National Target Programs are disbursed. The Central Government's incomplete instructions and the heavy workload are the objective causes. Subjective explanations result from the fact that the localities, units, and management are not drastically changed.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested that each district and each agency in charge of the program actively remove each particular task; the chairpersons of the People's Committees in each district report to its Standing Committee to actively lead, supervise, and encourage the removal of the implementation effort. The heads will hold the district, department, and agency leaders accountable if they don't complete their assignments or distribute funds. The three agencies in charge of the National Target Programs must provide advice on solutions before May 30 so that the province can finish all problem-solving efforts by the first week of June. This will help remove barriers from the local level to district and provincial levels.

To prevent work backlogs, sectors and districts must further increase their collaboration. The financial industry, the Committee for Ethnic Minorities, the Department of Labor, the Invalids and Social Affairs, and others must balance and assess the capital sources to determine when reciprocity will occur. The disbursement progress of three National Target Programs must be reported every 15th of the month starting in June.
Translated by Vuong Tuan 

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